TITLE                  The Doctor who Refused to Give up

PREMIER           May 24, 2016

LENGTH             1 h 52 min

GENRE               Documentary

LANGUAGE       Swedish

SUBTITLE          English


When a young man’s girlfriend is paralyzed by polio, he becomes physician to understand the origins of disease, finding answers that challenge accepted practices.

“Some physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin.”

F.R. KLENNER 1957 (Orthomolecular Med, 2007. Vol 22, No 1, p 31-38)


The American pediatrician Frederick R. Klenner (1907-1984) treated polio with high doses of vitamin C. The children could be cured in a week. This success was counter-acted by colleagues and know-ledge was silenced.


Erik Enby’s girlfriend Gunnel got polio 16 years old and became total paralyzed. She received no treatment.


Enby, licensed physician starts research. His motive is to find an onset of disease. And he found that it could be traced in the blood.

Nobel prize nominated Melvin H. Knisely documented blood clotting and found that the blood’s cells in chronic disease stick together and that the blood does not “run” as it should, which is unfavorable to the organism.


Enby discovers that the blood can be examined and diagnosed in a better way than it teaches in school medicine. Enby found that blood clotting is an infection sign.


Ethical committee approve research. In studies on MS patients, theories are confirmed. Enby treat patents with vitamins and minerals to improve the condition of the patients. Twenty years of spectacular and successful treatment of patients follows.


Dr Erik Enby begins his communication with Dan Larhammar, sharing his ideas and thoughts.


Dan Larhammar starts the media witch-hunt against Erik Enby, based on the claims of two relatives of patients; these proved to be inaccurate. Additionally, a witness commits perjury and is influenced by the TV3 recording team to make statements that are later used as evidence against Dr Enby. A ten years media hunt will follow trying to destroy Dr Erik Enby


Although over 30 000 patients his science and proven experience are not valid according to his enemies. False accusations are aimed to stripp him from his license.
6th April 2006 Robert Aschberg’s programme Insider appears on TV3.
25th April 2006 Dr Enby applies to carry out research at the Osher Centre.


8th February 2007 Dr Enby loses his medical certification.


20th November 2013 Dr Enby seeks to regain his credentials (This leads Dan Larhammar to launch a further media witch hunt).


1st April 2014 Dan Larhammar initiates an attack against Dr Enby on Swedish radio in the programme Body & Soul; the Radio Board of inquiry later upheld complaints against the programme. However, the program was still used as evidence to initiate proceedings leading to prosecution.
They try to put him in jail with false accusations.


Several reports confirm Enby’s theory and method. Production for Part 1 is initiated.


Premier Part 1 · “The Doctor who Refused to Give up”.


Ongoing work to sell and broadcast Part 1 to an international audience.

Ongoing Founding to produce Part 2 · “The Last Battle” about Miscarriage of Justice And The Witness Who Disappeared.

About Erik Enby

Erik Enby (born 1937) is a Swedish doctor who has been recognized for his highly controversial  studies describing the microbial situation in the blood for a range of conditions. His unorthodox method suffer a media hunt and official punishment. In May 2015, an international team of researchers publish a comprehensive study that seems to prove him right…

The Doctor Who Refused to Give up

A love story and a thriller about Erik Enby and his girlfriend Gunnel who received polio at the age of 16. It became Erik’s motivation to find out how disease occurs. In his research, he found a method that makes it possible to diagnose and treat even cancer and chronic disease in a new way. Despite success in treating over 30,000 patients, he has been subjected to media hunt, dismissal of license and attempt to throw him in prison. Is it a witch process where he has been sentenced without proof? It raises questions. Who wants to crush him and why?  And by what law? ”Science and proven experience”?

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