A doctor whose methods cured the severely ill is ridiculed in the media and punished unfairly by the establishment but fights to regain his license.


When a young woman is paralysed from polio her boyfriend dedicates his life to find a cure. He discovers that infections in blood may be the cause of many diseases, such as cancer. A controversial discovery not rewarded but punished by the authorities.


Part 1 of this documentary ran national in Swedish Cinemas for over a year. The audience came in large numbers and have given outstanding tributes also in alternative reviews. Since Swedish media is part of the persecution against Erik Enby they have silenced reviews of the film and the ongoing incidents has led to a sequel, "The Last Battle".



Erik Enby (1937 - 2022) is a Swedish doctor who has been recognised for his highly controversial studies describing the microbial situation in the blood for a range of conditions. His unorthodox method suffer a media hunt and official punishment. In May 2015, an international team of researchers publish a comprehensive study that seems to prove him right... Erik passed away in March 2022 but many people work to keep his legacy alive. and there are still thousands of people seeking his treatments.


This is a Documentary Serie initiated by members of the non-profit organisation Humanism & Knowledge. Many want retribution for Erik and the project is financed by people through Crowdfunding.