I was long resistant to make this film but Ulla Premmert, a teacher and journalist from southern Sweden, was stubborn and finally I became convinced that it must be done.

When the young man’s girlfriend is paralyzed by polio, he educates to doctors to understand the origin of diseases and finds answers that challenge the establishment.

A large number of people set up a successful crowdfunding that guaranteed external expenses where the collection target 150,000 SEK (About 18 500 USD) were reached.

I did not initially take into consideration Enbys theories about how disease can occur already in the blood, but took on whether his method to supplement conventional medicine with herbal supplements could be harmful or helping. I found that claims of harm seemed to lack substance but that his method could help many people to improve health.

We have in the documentary interviewed a large number of patients. We found that where healthcare condemned their chances of survival, Enbys treatment could help. Several cases reported well declared regained healthy by the same health care.

Of these, tens of thousands of patients have two, who died of cancer, after their death played a crucial role. It turns out, a conspiracy to harm Dr Enby. In one case, Enby has been accused of – manslaughter.

This has been widely reported in the media but the facts and documents show that it is unreasonable accusations. Our research before we started the film production (summer 2015), showed a large number of peculiarities.

Allegations that can easily be dismissed as absurd lies, has passed both the authorities and journalists scrutiny filters. We therefore found a variety of irregularities with regard not only government action but also questions about who and what power was behind the aim to crush Enby.

Opposition to Erik Enby culminated in a media hype started in 2006, which led to Enby being stripped of his license to practice as physician. When he wanted to regain his license in 2013 something resembling a frame-up was instigated. There was a radio program in which he was reported to preliminary investigation to prosecution.

The radio program was convicted in the Review but still used as justification for a brutal raid in the home of family Enby before Christmas 2014. Who has pushed this witch hunt, and why? To sort out the motives and the means to stop Dr Enby has required an extensive research.

There has emerged a picture of an unstoppable scientists who have completed his research with the support of some colleagues, but with fierce resistance from others. If Enby would be right there, which recent research indicates, it can lead to the restoration but also result in a revolutionary significance for the treatment of severely ill.

As for his deprived identification and persecution associated with it remains to be seen whether it is one of our greatest miscarriage of justice. See the movie and make your assessment. We will soon provide location and time for the press preview

Kind Regards/
Börje Peratt